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Cronbach's Alpha (α) using SPSS

Introduction Cronbach's alpha is the most common measure of internal consistency ("reliability"). It is most commonly used when you have multiple Likert questions in a survey/questionnaire that form a scale and you wish to determine if the scale is reliable. Example A researcher has devised a nine-question questionnaire with which they hope to measure how safe people feel at work at an industrial complex. Each question was a 5-point Likert item from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree". In order to understand whether the questions in this questionnaire all reliably measure the same latent variable (feeling of safety) (so a Likert scale could be constructed), a Cronbach's alpha was run on a sample size of 15 workers. Setup in SPSS The nine questions have been labelled "Qu1" through to "Qu9". To know how to correctly enter your data into SPSS in order to run a Cronbach's alpha test please read ourEntering Data into SPS…